Novinsky: Ukraine needs a new peace negotiation process

Vadim Novinsky is sure that Ukraine needs a "reset" of the peace negotiation process. Photo: V. Novinsky's Telegram channel

Vadim Novinsky says that Ukraine needs to resume negotiations.

Ukraine needs a new peace negotiation process. People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and Archdeacon of the UOC Vadim Novinsky wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

According to the politician, "Ukraine has appeared at the epicenter of the world intrigue." At present, the negotiation process, whether it is about the fate of Donbas or about ending the conflict and fulfilling obligations in accordance with the Minsk agreements, has been driven into a dead corner.

“Instead of new peace initiatives and new effective negotiation formats, we are faced with an information and political campaign to escalate the situation, with apocalyptic forecasts in the world media, with panic in the diplomatic environment, and at the same time with intensive pumping of Ukraine with weapons of all calibers and stripes,” Vadym Novinsky emphasized.

He noted that all this is happening in the context of complex negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States, the Russian Federation and NATO, the Russian Federation and the EU countries. And after declarative statements in mid-2021 about dialogue, the negotiation process "turned into an exchange of ultimatums and demands."

“The ‘Ukrainian issue’ under these conditions has become just one of many 'bargaining chips', the price of which is a crisis and even the threat of an interstate military clash,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

Under the current conditions, Novinsky considers inaction "irresponsible and even criminal."

“We need a bold step forward. We need a new negotiation process that will prevent conflicts and relieve tension, create conditions for an effective bilateral and multilateral dialogue on the future of the security system on the continent and on mutual guarantees of such security,” he said.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian parliament should be the first to initiate strategic consultations with Russian legislators in order to formulate a common position and prevent "a further escalation of the situation, and even more so, an increase in military tension."

Vadim Novinsky outlines clear steps to be taken to resolve the crisis.

Firstly, the Ukrainian MPs should come up with a proposal to start consultations with the legislators of the Russian Federation "with a view to de-escalating the situation, ensuring sustainable peace and solving the Donbas issue in a purely peaceful way, in full accordance with the Minsk agreements."

Secondly, it is necessary to turn to the country's international partners with a proposal to curtail the information campaign around Ukraine, return their diplomats to Kyiv, and confirm their readiness to continue a multilateral dialogue on a common and comprehensive system of collective security on the continent.

“We, MPs of Ukraine, must show wisdom and balance, responsibility and peacefulness. This is what millions of citizens of Ukraine expect from us. This is what the international community expects from us,” Novinsky summed up.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that according to Vadim Novinsky, the authorities do not use the peacekeeping potential of the UOC at all.

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