Bishop Victor: Multimillion-strong UOC is doing everything to unite Ukraine

16 February 2022 17:46
Bishop Victor: Multimillion-strong UOC is doing everything to unite Ukraine

The hierarch of the UOC reminded the believers that the Lord shows in difficult times that Ukrainians should treat each other as a brother, not an enemy.

On February 16, 2022, a meeting of the AUCCRO was held in St. Sophia Cathedral, at which Bishop Viсtor (Kotsaba) of Baryshivka, head of the Representation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to International European organizations, spoke about the role of the UOC in the unification of Ukraine.

“All churches and monasteries of our Ukrainian Orthodox Church, under the leadership of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv and All Ukraine, offer daily prayers for peace, understanding and unity of all Ukrainians unexceptionally. We pray that any external threats will be fought, that peace will be achieved by millions of our fellow citizens. When a nation is united, then it is strong and able to overcome any trials with honor, so we must once again realize that we are all Ukrainians, that there are no better or worse among us,” the bishop said.

Bishop Victor emphasized that in difficult times the Lord once again shows us that we should treat each other as a brother, not an enemy – we all live in one common Ukrainian home. He also noted that the UOC supports the state and contributes to its development to the best of its ability, strengthening unity among fellow citizens.

“Unfortunately, in recent years there have been many divisions among our people. However, this Divine Providence is taken by us as an opportunity to unite, to strengthen ourselves in a single full-blooded nation,” Vladyka noted. “Our multi-million flock is an integral part of Ukrainian society, so we are ready to join the great cause of uniting all our compatriots with all possible efforts.”

As the UOJ reported, Bishop Viktor (Kotsaba) said that today everyone needs to raise their voice in defense of the Church.

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