Nationalists picket the house of UOC priest in Pochaiv

Nationalists urged to fight the UOC. Photo: Facebook page "Right Sector / Ternopil region"

"Right Sector - Ternopil Region" held a picket near the courtyard of the Pochaiv priest of the UOC.

In Pochaiv, the Right Sector nationalists held a picket with flowers and shouts near the courtyard of the priest of the Ternopil diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Alexander Martseniuk. The radicals called this small rally a "sensitization action", the Ternopoliany website reports. At first, the RS members tried to enter the courtyard, but realizing that it was closed and Fr Alexander was not at home, they hanged a mourning wreath on the gate with the inscription “Death to agents of Russia’s FSB in cassocks.”

The head of the Ternopil radicals told reporters that the priest had allegedly decided to organize the parishioners of the UOC to go to Kyiv for a prayer service in order to "work to the Kremlin’s advantage." Nationalists with red and black flags brought loudspeakers with a microphone into which they shouted menacing slogans and patriotic narratives near the house of priest Alexander Martseniuk.

“The Right Sector held a warning action in the city of Pochayiv, which is now a key nursery and center of Moscow separatism in Western Ukraine. We continue the fight against the 5th column of Muscovy in Ukraine, and we have the goal of completely eradicating the Moscow Church from Ukraine. We call on all conscious Ukrainians to participate in a joint struggle,” the Ternopil website quotes Nazar Sarabunб the head of the local Right Sector.

It is noteworthy that the radicals staged their dreadful picket in front of the police, who assure that everything went peacefully and legally.

“Participants of the action did not violate public order,” said the head of the public order department of the National Police of the region Stepan Savik.

Recall that the priest of the Ternopil diocese of the UOC, Fr Alexander Martseniuk, turned to the editorial office of the UOJ in the spring of 2020 because of the fake media about the outbreak of coronavirus in the Holy Dormition Pochaiv Lavra. The priest said that publications about his illness were an attempt by opponents to cast suspicion on the entire monastery.

As reported by the UOJ, the Right Sector threatens the director of the Khotyn Fortress because of the UOC.

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