Alexandria hierarch says how Russian Church will be deprived of autocephaly

11 February 15:55
Alexandria hierarch says how Russian Church will be deprived of autocephaly

The Greek bishop from Africa said that the Patriarch of Constantinople, who granted autocephaly to the Russian Church, can take it away.

On February 10, 2022, Metropolitan Gregory of Cameroon of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria spoke about the steps to be taken before depriving the Russian Church of autocephaly, reports the Greek publication Dogma.

According to him, the meeting of the five Local Churches or the so-called "council" of the Pentarchy, which will include the primates of the Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, Greek and Cypriot Churches, should condemn the ROC for the creation of its Exarchate in Africa.

Discussing the issue of the “invasion” of the Russian Church on the African continent, Metropolitan Gregory recalled that in the Church there is a “recommendation and reprimand”, followed by “certain punishments”, such as: “punishment in the form of deprivation of communion and deprivation of sacramentality (grace – Ed.) of all the Sacraments.

In addition, he said that “there is also defrocking” and at the same time noted that “there is and can be a suspension of autocephaly, because the one who gives autocephaly, namely the ecumenical patriarch, can also suspend it due to tragic mistakes."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Greece proposed to deprive the Russian Church of autocephaly for five years.

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