We'll protest: Laity on VR plans to introduce fines for criticizing LGBTI

Kyiv Mayor's Office in the LGBT flag colors. Photo: kyivcity.gov.ua

The Public Union "Miriane" spoke about how it will oppose the adoption in Ukraine of laws that pose danger to morality, family and the Church.

The public union Miriane calls for protests against the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of a law that establishes responsibility for criticizing LGBT people. The organization reports this in its telegram channel.

According to Miriane, this and other bills that are planned to be adopted at the Rada are dangerous for morality, family and the Church. “After all, if the laws that establish responsibility for criticizing such persons (LGBTI people – Ed.) are adopted, our society will face total propaganda of same-sex relationships, sexual promiscuity and sexual perversion,” the union said.

The organization is confident these bills are discriminatory against Christians, since the LGBT ideology directly contradicts the Holy Scriptures. “Their adoption will limit our freedom: speech, world outlook, conscience. And in the end, it will irreparably hit the institution of the Ukrainian family,” the union believes.

The Miriane intends to publish information about the authors of these bills, prepare appeals to MPs, hold personal meetings and protests at the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, and take other measures against the adoption of laws that threaten the family and society.

“We have to rise up to protest together. We will reveal the faces of all the authors of the bills so that people know who should not be allowed to come close to power in the future. We will prepare appeals to MPs with a demand not to adopt these bills; we will collect the signatures of the laity. We will meet and convince the deputies personally. We will protest against the adoption of discriminatory bills near the walls of the Verkhovna Rada,” the public union said.

Earlier, the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations called on the government of Ukraine to withdraw, and the Verkhovna Rada to reject, draft law No. 5488 on “intolerance” towards LGBT people.

As the UOJ reported, the agenda of the new session of the Verkhovna Rada included a record number of laws threatening morality, the family and the Church.

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The recommendations of the VR committee to hold worship services only in Ukrainian are:
legal requirement of the state
unlawful interference in the affairs of the Church
mere talk
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