15 more priests of Church of Alexandria join Russian Exarchate in Africa

Clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church in Africa with Priest Georgy Maximov. Photo: t.me/exarchleonid

African priests who decided to move to the Russian Orthodox Church said that their former bishop came to them and threatened them with the consequences of such a step.

On February 9, 2022, Metropolitan Leonid, Exarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Africa, reported that 15 more priests had joined the clergy of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa.

On February 9, a missionary group led by Priest Georgy Maximov held a pastoral meeting in the city of Meru (Eastern Province of Kenya), which was attended by priests from two deaneries of the Diocese of Nyeri of the Alexandrian Orthodox Church (Central Meru Deanery and North Meru Deanery).

Metropolitan Leonid wrote on his Telegram channel that these priests had invited Fr. Georgy to give him petitions for their acceptance into the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to the results of the pastoral meeting, 15 priests were accepted into the Russian Orthodox Church. The vows were signed.

He also said that, according to local priests, on Sunday, Bishop Neophyte of Nyeri came to them and asked them not to move to the Russian Orthodox Church, threatened with the consequences of such a step, but heard that the vast majority of the priests of both deaneries of Meru had already made a decision which should respect.

“The photo shows that not all the clergy were in cassocks...the reason is simple. Most African priests have only one cassock. So, they take care of it, because if it is damaged, they cannot count on its replacement. Those fathers who came from afar on a motorcycle (and this is several hours) simply did not dare to take a cassock with them lest they accidentally damage it on the road. Never mind, with God's help, we will solve this problem," the Patriarch Exarch wrote. 

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that by creating the Exarchate in Africa, the Russian Church did not invade the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Alexandria but responded to the requests of the African clergy.

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