German RCC representatives demand to reassess the Church dogmas on LGBT

Rainbow flag over the altar of the Jugendkirche Catholic Church in Würzburg. Photo: CNA Deutsch

German Catholics believe that homosexual relationships are not sinful, and it's time for the Pope to overhaul the homosexuality issue.

The vast majority of the "Synodal Way" Catholics in Germany called for a change in the dogmas of the RCC regarding homosexuality, according to

We are talking about changing the provisions on contraception, as well as on homosexuality in the Catechism of the RCC. The participants of the Synodal Way, whose assembly was held in Frankfurt on February 5, 2022, voted in the first reading by a majority of votes for two relevant documents to be developed in the future.

In the former document, the Catholics of Germany recommended that the Pope should make a "reassessment of homosexuality." According to representatives of the Synodal Way, same-sex sexuality is not a sin and "should not be regarded as inherently evil."

“Given that homosexual orientation belongs to the identity of a person created by God, it should not be ethically evaluated differently than any other sexual orientation,” the document says.

In the course of the debate, the members of the assembly reached an agreement that there should be no discrimination against homosexuals in the Roman Catholic Church.

Also during the discussions, the opinion was repeatedly expressed that "the current Catholic sexual morality is unlikely to have anything in common with the reality of life for many Catholics."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Catholic cardinal urged not to expel gay clergy from the RCC.

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