Shevchuk tells Western media "Russian Federation will invade at any time"

07 February 2022 13:47
Shevchuk tells Western media

Uniates continue to fan the hysteria around the "Kremlin attack on Ukraine."

At an online press conference "Ukraine: the experience of the Church of eight years of armed conflict", the UGCC head, Sviatoslav Shevchuk, said that Russian troops could invade the territory of Ukraine at any time. This is reported by the information resource of the UGCC.

According to Shevchuk, Ukrainians feel that they are on the verge of an escalation of military aggression against their country. Moreover, this escalation is not the development of the Crimea and Donbas scenario.

“Something very different is happening now. We are facing a full blown escalation between Russia and the collective West. Ukraine in this context is only a part of the full panorama of various threats and tensions… This means the Ukrainian crisis is a crisis not only for Ukrainians, it concerns the whole world, primarily Europe, as well as the United States and NATO member states,” the resource quotes the head Uniates.

Shevchuk spoke about the "four dimensions" of Russia's escalating threat against Ukraine: military, informational, political and economic, and quite predictably called it all a "hybrid war".

Further, referring to a sociological study conducted by the Razumkov Center, the head of the Uniates said that Ukrainians most of all trust the army, volunteers and the Church. He noted that the UGCC is drawing up an action plan in case of an invasion.

“We feel a responsibility to the entire Ukrainian society and are trying to draw up our own plan of what to do, especially when there is a possibility of a full-scale military invasion by Russian troops at any moment,” the head of the Uniates said.

Earlier, the UOJ spoke about the hysteria around “Putin invasion” and the role of “patriotic” confessions in it.

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