Pat Theodore ordains Congo metropolitan in the presence of Greek ambassador

04 February 17:40
The Patriarch of Alexandria ordained a new metropolitan from the Congo. Photo: The Patriarch of Alexandria ordained a new metropolitan from the Congo. Photo:

After the creation of the Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church in Africa, the Patriarch of Alexandria suddenly ordained a priest from Congo as a metropolitan.

Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria consecrated Metropolitan Khariton for the Kananga diocese, reports The primate was concelebrated by the Alexandrian hierarchs. The ceremony was attended by clergy and laity from the Congo, as well as the Greek ambassador.

The newly minted metropolitan delivered a speech, moreover in Greek, in which he revealed all his devotion to Theodore II and indignation at the actions of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“He spoke with regret about the predatory invasion of the Orthodox Church into the canonical jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, emphasizing that they (the Russian Orthodox Church – Ed.) do not respect the sacrifices and efforts of so many missionaries for the evangelization of Africans. And he made a commitment that he would never become a second Judas Iscariot and would serve with all his might, defending the rights and privileges of the Throne of Alexandria,” reports

It is known that the ordained Metropolitan Khariton is from Congo but studied in Athens for a long time.

“Apparently, the Greek government selected a particularly devoted or recruited fanatic, who, being black, is ready to support the racist Phanariots. Actually, such people existed at all times – those who pursued oppressive policies sometimes recruited servants from among the local population. Seeing others live like slaves to the oppressors, while they are elevated to the level of a free person, such ‘ministers’ turned into devoted fanatics, who later helped the oppressors to carry out the case against the local population with particular fury,” Alexander Voznesensky, the author of the Religion and Politics telegram channel, commented on the ordination. “Why is there an ambassador there? Probably, the initiative is taking place at the suggestion of the Greek authorities, which bankrolls the Patriarchate of Alexandria.”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Patriarch of Alexandria sent a message to the head of Phanar with a request to convene a meeting of the Primates of the five Churches.

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