Church of Moldova reports political pressure

26 January 2022 17:26
Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in Chisinau. Photo: Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in Chisinau. Photo:

The Orthodox Church of Moldova does not approve of the attempts of certain politicians to force the Church to support the line of the ruling party.

The Orthodox Church of Moldova declared that the attempts of political interference in the affairs of the Church are inadmissible, according to the official website of the Chisinau-Moldova Metropolis.

The corresponding statement was made in response to the rhetoric of the deputy of the Moldovan parliament from the ruling Action and Solidarity Party, Oazu Nantoi. He demanded that the Chisinau-Moldavian Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church express its position on Ukraine and Transnistria, EADaily reports.

“Today is the time to prove that the Metropolis of Moldova supports the people of the Republic of Moldova, that it belongs to the Republic of Moldova and is not an ideological fiefdom of the Russian Orthodox Church,” Nantoi said. He also accused the Church of Moldova of “tolerating the anti-state activities of Archbishop Savva of Tiraspol and Dubossary”, under whose omophorion the Orthodox of the unrecognized Moldovan Transdniestrian Republic are.

According to the Orthodox Church of Moldova, it does not accept any form of interference by politicians in the affairs of the Church.

“The inconsistency of the statements of some political actors, who either call for complete silence and non-interference of the Church in the sphere of politics, or sometimes directly request statements and positions on certain issues, is alarming,” the Chisinau-Moldovan Metropolitanate notes.

Also, the Orthodox Church of Moldova noted that it remains the only institution that is trusted "on both sides of the Dniester".

“With his visit to Tiraspol, the Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova very clearly demonstrated that while there is no unity at the political level between Moldova and Transnistria, this unity never ceased at the church level, and the Dniester region to this day is the canonical terrain of the Orthodox Church of Moldova, where people are always happy to greet its hierarch, Metropolitan Vladimir.

Earlier, the Metropolitan of Moldova told the authorities that it is impossible to promote laws that are contrary to faith.

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