ROC hierarch: Europeans fear the future offered by the West

Metropolitan Leonid of Klin on the TV channel “Spas”. Photo: a screenshot of the YouTube channel "SPAS".

Most people in Europe are conservative and fear for the future of their children in a world of ultra-liberal Western "values", believes Metropolitan Leonid.

Metropolitan Leonid (Gorbachev) of Klin, Patriarch Exarch of Africa, told the "Spas" TV channel that the world order promoted by the West and already being implemented in some countries with the dominance of ultra-liberal values frightens Europeans, who are mostly conservative.

According to the bishop, Europeans fear for the future of their children and grandchildren in a world dominated by juvenile justice, absence of the right to protect family foundations, and mockery of church traditions and canons. "We can see by the example of Europe where most people are conservative: they do not want to associate themselves, their future children and grandchildren with either secularism or this pseudo-freedom," Metropolitan Leonid said.

In his view, in this situation, the US sees Orthodoxy with its alternative worldview as a real threat to their "values" based on money and permissiveness. "If there is no core, no historical input, no historical successes in creation and kindness, then the ultra-liberal agenda offered to people, where everyone is allowed to do everything and nothing is necessary to be responsible for, I think it won’t be successful," resumed the hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

As reported, the Patriarchal Exarch of Africa explained that the ROC does not claim primacy but relies on the Gospel.


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