Exarch of Africa: ROC does not claim primacy, we rely on the Gospel

Metropolitan Leonid of Klin. Photo: a screenshot of the video on the Youtube channel "Spas”

Met. Leonid urged not to shy away from the universality of the ROC's mission, which is called to serve people all over the world and defend the Orthodox canons.

The Patriarchal Exarch of Africa, Metropolitan Leonid (Gorbachev) of Klin, said on the "Spas" TV channel that the Russian Orthodox Church does not claim primacy, but now it has an ecumenical mission to protect the Orthodox canons.

According to the bishop, the ROC is not engaged in expansion to destroy the Alexandrian Orthodox Church but opposes the violation of the canons. He noted that if in the Western world such phenomena as a mockery of canons and family law are already quite natural, the Russian Church is ready to offer the world a different agenda.

“We do not seek to destroy the Alexandrian Orthodox Church and never engage in expansion, but we will never allow anyone to mock the Orthodox canons, their sacredness, family law, our traditional historical milestones and foundations,” said Vladyka Leonid.

The bishop urged not to be afraid of ecumenicalism, which the ROC is now entering, since this is not a desire to become the first, but, on the contrary, as the Gospel calls, to become servants in order to help people. “As the Holy Scripture says, if you want to be the first, be the last, become a servant. We are those people who become servants and will serve and help people. This is the task of the Church,” said the Patriarchal Exarch of Africa.

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Is the creation of the Exarchate of the ROC in Africa justified?
Yes, because the Patriarch of Alexandria has gone into schism
No, this is the expansion of the ROC into the territory of the Church of Alexandria
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