Patriarch Theodore thanks OCU "for allegiance to the second patriarchate"

24 January 2022 13:28
Theodore II, Patriarch of Alexandria. Photo: Theodore II, Patriarch of Alexandria. Photo:

The head of the Church of Alexandria's replied to "Metropolitan" Epifaniy Dumenko's letter on the creation of the Exarchate of the Russian Church in Africa.

In his message to the head of the schismatic OCU Sergei Dumenko, the Primate of the Church of Alexandria Patriarch Theodore expressed "deep gratitude" for the letter of support regarding the "anti-canonical invasion of the Russian Church" and emphasized the OCU's devotion to "the Patriarchate second in primacy." The text of the letter was published by the website of the OCU.

“By virtue of this friendly letter of ours, we would like to express our deep gratitude for the letter of support that you sent regarding the anti-canonical intrusion of the Russian Church into the jurisdiction of the ancient Patriarchate of Alexandria,” Theodore writes in his message Dumenko.

In particular, the patriarch noted that the support of the head of the Ukrainian OCU organization "is forever imprinted with gratitude in the memory of hearts as proof of noble and fraternal love, allegiance and respect for the second in primacy Patriarchate and its Primate."

As the UOJ reported, on January 15, 2022, Sergei Dumenko published a “letter of support” to Patriarch Theodore, positioning himself as a defender of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, “offended” by the Russian Orthodox Church. The day before, Patriarch Theodore issued an encyclical to the clergy as a response  to the decision of the Russian Orthodox Church to establish its Exarchate in Africa and receive 102 clerics of the Patriarchate of Alexandria into its jurisdiction. It is noteworthy that according to the encyclical of Theodore II, Phanar "enjoys primacy among other ancient patriarchates" and has "special privileges and responsibilities within the Body of the Church." Patriarch Theodore is sure that "this special and unique position" of Phanar "is in accordance with the Holy Canons, Tradition and Acts of the Church." Meanwhile, as we wrote earlier, the entire administrative system of the Church has neither sacred significance nor apostolic origin; nor does it provide for either “first” or “second” patriarchates.

The UOJ wrote where the doctrine of the primacy of Phanar in the Orthodox world emanated from.

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