UGCC creates a temple "in memory of those killed in Russian-Ukrainian war"

20 January 19:21
The future temple The future temple "to the memory of the fallen in the Russian-Ukrainian war." Photo:

Names of those killed on the Maidan and Donbas will be minted in the Uniate church.

The UGCC announced the creation of "another pilgrimage center" in the Lviv region. The Uniates decided to dedicate the Greek Catholic Church of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (a former church between the villages of Novoshychi and Bystrytsia in the Drohobych region) “to the memory of fallen heroes,” writes

In mid-January, Greek Catholics consecrated the image of the Sambir miraculous icon of the Mother of God in the temple.

“This marked the beginning of the creation of a whole pantheon of miraculous icons in the church, which will be the first in Ukraine to become a temple in memory of the fallen in the Russian-Ukrainian war,” the Internet resource reports.

Local artist Levko Skop plans to paint icons of heavenly patrons of the heroes of the “Heavenly Hundred” and those who died in the war in Donbas specifically for the new temple and mint their names.

It is worth noting that earlier the OCU announced the creation of the temple "in memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, JFO soldiers, Afghan soldiers, and everyone who laid down their lives for Ukraine." Also on the alley of the "Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred" in Kyiv there is an ecumenical chapel of the "Ukrainian New Martyrs", which belongs to the UGCC.

The UOJ wrote that the head of the UGCC ranked those killed on the Euromaidan as part of the angelhood.

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