Greek Prosecutor to investigate case of Athonites opposing vaccinations

17 January 2022 16:53
Monks could be tried for speaking out against vaccines. Photo: Monks could be tried for speaking out against vaccines. Photo:

The Prosecutor's Office requires specific names from the monk who complained about anti-vaccination Athonites in order to initiate a criminal case.

The Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki has initiated a case against the monks of Mount Athos who oppose vaccinations against coronavirus, reports Vima Orthodoxias.

The intervention of the Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki was caused by the statements of the Athos monk Joseph, who reported about the monks urging Christians not to be vaccinated.

According to the hieromonk, “these monks who go out and confess have killed many people,” as they “advise people not to get vaccinated and claim that the coronavirus is just a flu”.

Based on these allegations, the head of the Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki initiated an investigation to identify the anti-vaccination monks and determine whether their actions constituted a crime.

It should be noted that in the course of the investigation, the applicant, hieromonk Joseph, will be asked to name specific individuals and indicate when and what they said in order to open a criminal investigation against them.

Earlier, the Greek media reported about the position of famous Athonites regarding vaccinations.

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