Alexandria Patriarchate urges clerics not to join Russian Orthodox Church

Bishop Neofitos of Nyeri and Kenyan Mountains. Photo: facebook Neo K Neofitos

Bishop Neofitos threatened the clergy of the Patriarchate of Alexandria with the loss of their reward in heaven if they switch off from Alexandria to Russia.

The hierarch of the Church of Alexandria, Bishop Neofitos (Kongai) of Nyeri and Kenyan Mountains, published an entry on his Fb page in which he called on the African clergy not to move from the Alexandrian Patriarchate to the Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church in Africa.

Bishop Neofitos noted that the departure of the clerics from the Patriarchate of Alexandria would be tantamount to the loss of a reward in heaven and expressed confidence that the church situation in Africa would be resolved in the spirit of peace and love.

“Be mindful of your local church which you have served for many years through your sweet and toil even if you received or earned nothing. I want to tell you not to lose your reward in heaven by turning your back to Christ. It is never too late to change your minds for the good of the church in Africa. When a whole multitude of the faithful are involved our church will turn into chaos like a mad house,” wrote Bishop Neofitos.

According to him, Patriarch Theodore recognized the OCU not because of ill motive, but for the sake of peace and unity.

“He did this because he thought he was helping to foster peace, unity and reconciliation. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the opposite,” said the hierarch of the Church of Alexandria, quoting the words of Patriarch Theodore.

Bishop Neofitos stated that the situation that has developed around the church in Africa did not arise because of the recognition of the OCU, but is the result of world church politics and called for dealing with problems within the Church of Alexandria.

“Let us not engage in things that we really don’t know as far as the church politics at the top are concerned. They are complex, complicated misinforming and confusing at the same time… It is time we step in and find something tangible, something powerful, strong and eternal that really works for Africans and the church of Africa,” he said.

“Your cross-over will be a cut-over at the heart and peace of our church that we have labored for it for so many years… Let us keep praying for our Patriarch and the and all the hierarchy of the Holy Synod during this difficult time. We should not also forget to pray for the church of Russia to rethink of their decision and the harm it will cause the church of Africa. I am sure they will want to see blood being shed in our churches because there will be internal wars in our parishes,” concluded Bishop Neofitos.

As previously reported by the UOJ, Dumenko complained to Patriarch Theodore about harassment from Moscow.

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