Symbol of Nazism found in school textbook on civic education

A symbol of Nazism was found in a school textbook on civic education. Photo:

An image of a fascist swastika was placed in a Ukrainian school textbook the 10th form.

An image of a Nazi symbol has been openly placed in a Ukrainian school textbook on civics education for the 10th form, reports journalist Sergei Cherkasskyi on his personal Facebook page.

“Look what a child from Dnepropetrovsk sent me. Form 10, the subject "Civic education". Here is a picture shown in the "World of Information and Mass Media" section... Read the text and questions. Can you imagine the level of brainwashing in schools? And these people are still talking about the ‘sovok’,” he said.

The textbook page. Photo:

Cherkasskyi's post caused a heated discussion in the media and social networks.

“Well, parents are silent”, “I confirm that this is not a propaganda picture but a realistic one,” users wrote.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that in the Lviv region, a “Nazi” and a bandura player presented a book about SS members.

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