OCU cleric splashes "Good News" about the return of Poroshenko the “Savior”

11 January 2022 19:01
Petro Poroshenko with the Tomos. Photo: nashkiev.ua Petro Poroshenko with the Tomos. Photo: nashkiev.ua

Alexander Dediukhin “evangelizes” a "rap masterpiece", dedicated to the arrival of Petro Poroshenko, on social networks.

"Priest" of the OCU Alexander Dediukhin shared with his subscribers on his Facebook page a "rap masterpiece", dedicated to the return to Ukraine of the fifth president of the country – Petro Poroshenko.

“I’ve brought you the good news: Poroshenko will be here again soon! Winter with its frost-snows is not terrible if Poroshenko is with us again!" rapper Vladimir Zavgorodniy recites a refrain in the video, comparing the return of the politician and businessman to Kyiv with the arrival of the Savior.

Let us recall that literally “Good News” is the Gospel. Good News, Glad Tidings. Apparently, such “Good News” for the OCU cleric Alexander Dediukhin is the news of the return of the ex-president to his homeland on January 17.

“Fans are already sorting this song into ringtones; this beautiful melody, born by Orc in a consecrated studio, is also heard from the cars. I highly recommend it for listening,” Alexander Dediukhin pitches the video on his Fb page.

In the comments to the post, users praised the rap:

"Good song. Positive!" Olga Bondar wrote.

"Orthodox," replied the "priest" of the OCU Dediukhin.

Recall that Petro Poroshenko was charged with treason in the framework of the case for the purchase of coal from Donbas. On January 6, the Kyiv Pechersk Court arrested Poroshenko's property and assets at the request of the prosecutor's office. The ex-president of Ukraine is now in the EU, but promised to return to Ukraine on January 17, where his supporters are already preparing to meet him with might and main.

As reported by the UOJ, in the summer of 2020, the “priest” of the OCU, Alexander Dediukhin, told the protesters against the investigation in relation to Petro Poroshenko a joke about “Our Father” prayer.

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