Head of Kazakhstan's Orthodox delivers address on country's day of mourning

10 January 2022 17:45
Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan. Photo: inform.kz Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan. Photo: inform.kz

Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan made an address on the day of national mourning after the memorial service.

On January 10, Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan performed a memorial service at the Iberian Seraphim Church, and then made an address in the Kazakh media in connection with the national tragedy, reports patriarchia.ru.

“The people of Kazakhstan are going through the hardest trial these days. Our country was subjected to an insidious attack by extremists who used the most brutal means to intimidate people, to force them to carry out their vicious will, to destroy the principles of good neighbourliness and tolerance, and destroy state sovereignty. Chaos and violence must be stopped in the name of the triumph of truth and the peaceful life of citizens,” said Vladyka Alexander.

Metropolitan Alexander also stated that he supports the decision of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, who called for the introduction of contingents of the CSTO member states into Kazakhstan.

“We are the people of Kazakhstan – one big multinational and multi-confessional family. On these sorrowful days, I wish the relatives and friends of the dead consolation from Above, the wounded – speedy healing, everyone who is working to overcome the consequences of what happened – courage and strength, and the entire people of Kazakhstan – unanimity, solidarity and determination in the fight against extremism," said Metropolitan Alexander.

Today, on January 10, in all the temples of Kazakhstan, memorial services are held for those killed as a result of the actions of armed bandit formations.

Earlier, Metropolitan Alexander made an appeal not to succumb to provocations. "Only the devil can celebrate victory when brothers are at enmity, destroying each other," Vladyka Alexander urged to stop the incitement to the conflict.

At the moment, the total number of detainees is almost 8 thousand people. 3,022 people were brought to justice on charges of violating the state of emergency and organizing rallies. The country is gradually returning to its usual life – the Internet is working again, flights are carried out at all airports of the country except Almaty and Taldykorgan. The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" estimates losses from the events at about 190 million euros. The exact number of victims is not yet known – however, it is clear that it goes about dozens of victims.

The UOJ wrote that the night Christmas services in Almaty were cancelled due to the curfew.

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