No Stalinist registration: UGCC leader – on emigration of 10 mln Ukrainians

31 December 2021 12:22
Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Photo: Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Photo:

Shevchuk admits that the mass emigration of Ukrainian citizens from the country is “a phenomenon of the modern mobile world,” but he compared it to evacuation.

The head of the Greek Catholics of Ukraine Sviatoslav Shevchuk believes that the reason for the emigration of Ukrainians over the years of independence may be the modern trend of the "mobile world", according to the official website of the UGCC.

He said that over 30 years about 10 million citizens have left the country, but he does not see any problem in this.

“We can see the people really leaving Ukraine en masse. Perhaps such emigration is a certain phenomenon of the modern mobile world. We no longer live in conditions of modern serfdom or Stalinist registration, the borders have opened – why not leave?" considers the head of the Uniates.

At the same time, Shevchuk quoted the words of a bishop who described the situation as an evacuation.

“We see that emigration continues. I remember the words of one bishop that this is no longer emigration, but an evacuation,” said the head of the UGCC.

He also believes that the Ukrainians do not want to return to the USSR, as they see the European vector of Ukraine.

“Most Ukrainians feel – consciously or instinctively – that the alternative is to return back to the Soviet Union. The alternative is retrograde, backward, but we want to move forward," Shevchuk said.

As the UOJ reported, the head of the UGCC ranked those killed at Euromaidan among the angelic world.

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