Serbian priest: Patriarch Bartholomew trampled on principles of Orthodoxy

29 December 2021 16:44
Priest Miladin Mitrovic. Photo: Priest Miladin Mitrovic. Photo:

The priest of the Serbian Church believes that Patriarch Bartholomew's conduct testifies to his desire to become a kind of "Orthodox pope".

Patriarch Bartholomew publicly trampled on Orthodox principles and traditions, wishing to become a kind of "Orthodox pope", writes Priest Miladin Mitrovic, rector of the church of Basil of Ostrog in Banja Luka, head of the Representation of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society in the Republic of Serbia in his Glas Srpske column.

“He accepts schismatics into Eucharistic communion without repentance and without the approval of the Local Church. The issuance of a tomos to schismatics is, in fact, a cynical and anti-canonical invasion into the canonical territories of other Local Orthodox Churches. Today it is Ukraine, tomorrow it will be Macedonia, the day after tomorrow it will be the South Caucasus and so on for infinity and beyond,” Father Miladin writes.

The priest recalls that this year Patriarch Bartholomew received a delegation of Macedonian schismatics, while the Abkhaz schismatic organization of Dorotheus has already announced that it is busy organizing a meeting with Bartholomew.

He believes that the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew “violated the unity of the Local Orthodox Churches, which are now divided into two camps – those who are in the minority and recognize the Ukrainian Tomos, and those who are in the majority who publicly support the Moscow Patriarchate as the only canonically legitimate entity to exercise its jurisdiction in the territory of Ukraine."

The UOJ wrote that, according to the Serbian political expert, Phanar can apply the Ukrainian scenario in Macedonia.

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