OCU urges to vaccinate brains to guard against Russian influence

The head of the Volyn and Lutsk dioceses of the OCU Mikhail Zinkevich. Photo: screenshot of the video of the youtube channel "12 channel"

"Hierarch" of the OCU Mikhail Zinkevich said that the "transitions" of communities from the influence of the Moscow Patriarchate continue "subconsciously".

On the air of Channel 12, the head of the Volyn and Lutsk dioceses of the OCU, Mikhail Zinkevich, announced the need to “vaccinate the brains” in order to keep out of the Russian informational influence.

Answering a journalist's question why the “transitions” of the UOC communities to the OCU no longer continue, Zinkevich said that they continue “subconsciously”.

“The process of the departure of parishes from the grip of the Moscow Patriarchate continues, but now at a subconscious level,” said the representative of the OCU.

He also spoke of the need to free oneself from "slavery" via the brain vaccination.

“First, one should get rid of this slavery right here (points to his head – Ed.). We need to vaccinate our brains; there should be a cerebral vaccine in the full meaning of the word. So once we get vaccinated, we will be independent from Russian informational influence,” summed up Zinkevich.

As the UOJ reported, the OCU said it is not the time to suspect Poroshenko of treason when the enemy is at the border.

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