Health Ministry is to shorten validity period of COVID certificate as in EU

24 December 2021 13:09
To obtain COVID certificates, you will need to be vaccinated every 9 months. Photo: To obtain COVID certificates, you will need to be vaccinated every 9 months. Photo:

If the European Commission shortens the validity of the vaccination certificate from one year to nine months, Ukraine will do the same, the Ministry of Health said.

It is expected that on January 10, 2022, the European Commission will approve a reduction in the validity of certificates of vaccination against coronavirus from one year to 9 months, after which Ukraine will take a similar decision, Deputy Health Minister Maria Karchevich said, as reported by Ukrinform.

The procedure for revising the validity period of the COVID certificate provides for a decision by the National Technical Expert Group on Immunisation, after which the approval of the Headquarters for Vaccine-preventable Infections of the Ministry of Health and a corresponding resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers are required.

“We are awaiting an official decision from the EU countries, and further, in the same way, it is planned to introduce this decision in our country at the level of Ukraine,” the official said.

She also noted that according to previously issued certificates with a one-year validity period, the entry of Ukrainians into the EU countries may be restricted if the document was received more than 9 months ago.

“If we are talking about reducing the validity period from 365 days to 270, then for people who travel with such a certificate to the EU countries, they will be valid, but within the expiration date, which will be determined at the level of the EU countries,” Karchevich said.

As reported, the COVID certificate may become invalid without the 3rd vaccination, reports the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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