UGCC fears its transition to the Gregorian calendar will strengthen UOC

The UGCC fears that the transition to the Gregorian calendar will push their believers to get to the Orthodox. Photo:

The representative of the UGCC fears that many of its believers will reject the transition to the new style and eventually join the Orthodox.

Hieromonk of the UGCC Justin (Yuri Boyko) said that the transition to the Gregorian style would lead to an outflow of believers to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, reports

A representative of the UGCC said that something like this had already happened. As a case in point, he cited the transition to a new style of parishes of the UGCC in Italy, which divided the believers with their significant part having moved to Orthodox parishes.

“Are the people ready for this indeed? I will tell you that the people are absolutely not ready for this ... I will tell you right away that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP) is not yet ready to adopt the Gregorian calendar. What will happen? Some people will go to this Church. I want to confirm this by the fact with Italy, where our people, who did not participate in the holidays according to the Julian calendar, joined the Orthodox and celebrate them there,” said the cleric of the UGCC.

The UOJ wrote that the Ukrainian Uniates in Zurich switched to a new style.

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