Hierarch of UOC: Patriarch Bartholomew made a tactical mistake in Ukraine

Metropolitan Theodosy in the program “The Word of the Hierarch”. Photo: screenshot of the YouTube channel UkrLive

The head of Phanar is now aware he will be remembered as a schism monger, but he is sure about the primacy of Constantinople in Orthodoxy, said Metropolitan Theodosy.

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople has now realized he made a tactical mistake having issued the Tomos to Ukrainian schismatics, but pride and confidence in the primacy of Phanar in Universal Orthodoxy does not allow him to acknowledge it, Metropolitan Theodosy of Cherkasy and Kaniv said in the “Word of the Hierarch” program on the UkrLive TV channel.

“It seems to me that Patriarch Bartholomew realized long ago that he had made a big mistake – tactical, not strategic. I think he is confident that he did the right thing strategically. This is a profound understanding (of primacy – Ed.) of the Church of Constantinople, contrary to the ecclesiastical tradition of understanding the canons,” said the hierarch of the UOC.

At the same time, he believes that the Patriarch of Constantinople realized that his actions in Ukraine had provoked a huge schism in Orthodoxy, and his name can go down in history as the culprit. But as a proud person, he does not want to admit his mistake, as he is afraid of losing his authority.

“The way Patriarch Bartholomew views the situation from the window of his Phanar residence is very different from the vision of the situation that we feel and understand here, in Ukraine, in real church life,” said Metropolitan Theodosy. “I think that Patriarch Bartholomew has fully realized his tactical mistake, but he cannot acknowledge it so as not to lose his authority – unfortunately, this is the case with proud people.”

As the UOJ reported, the Church unites, not divides people, according to Metropolitan Theodosy.

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