Hierarch of UOC: Adoption of Istanbul Convention will increase conflicts

Bishop Victor (Kotsaba). Photo: facebook.com/V.D.Kotsaba

According to Bishop Victor (Kotsaba), the document is a threat to Christian and family values.

On December 1, 2021, the head of the UOC Representation to European International Organizations, Bishop Victor (Kotsaba) of Baryshivka, stated that the adoption of the Istanbul Convention in Ukraine would increase conflicts and disputes in society.

In his telegram channel, the bishop wrote that the Istanbul Convention, which is supposed to help combat domestic violence, will in fact significantly affect the traditional values of our people.

According to the bishop, this document "introduces the concept of ‘gender’, which poses a direct threat to the institution of the family and, ultimately, our society, formed under the influence of Christianity."

"That is why all Christian denominations and religious organizations in general and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in particular have repeatedly opposed the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the implementation of its principles in Ukrainian society," said the bishop. He also reminded that to this day the authorities of our state have listened to the believing people of Ukraine, who make up the vast majority of its citizens.

Bishop Victor expressed hope that this time "the MPs will not support the introduction of a document in our country that poses a direct threat to Christian and traditional values of our people" and drew the attention of officials to appalling demographics, which show that Ukraine's population is rapidly declining.

He is convinced that officials "should think about introducing initiatives that would promote the birth rate, rather than reduce it."

According to the UOC bishop, "today our state needs consolidation and unity more than ever," while documents like the Istanbul Convention "will only create tension in society and increase conflicts and disputes."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the laity of the UOC called for unity against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

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