Expert: The nation is degenerating, family is a matter of national security

25 November 2021 19:15
Andrian Bukovinsky in the Andrian Bukovinsky in the "Who are we?" project. Photo: video screenshot ZORIANY TV channel

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Andrian Bukovinsky noted the influence of information content on current trends in relation to the family and children.

Preservation of the family is a matter of national security of Ukraine. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, expert on family problems Andrian Bukovinsky said this in the project "Who are we?", published on the Zoriany YouTube channel.

He noted that if you analyze modern information content, in particular, movies, it shows specific trends: having a family and children is not very popular. And this content affects the subconsciousness of Ukrainians.

"But the nation is dying out, and the numbers suggest that this issue should be considered and in the purview of the country's national security," the expert said.

Andrian Bukovinsky added that in general if we give an overview of the modern Ukrainian family, it is an incomplete and unhappy family, "and most Ukrainian children grow up without a father."

The UOJ wrote that every fifth Ukrainian family does not have children.

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