Suspended "hierarch-boxer" calls OCU Synod Sanhedrin

Adrian Kulik beating up his neighbour. Photo: a screenshot of the ICTV YouTube channel

Adrian Kulik, who beat the woman, compared the OCU synod with a biblical trial on social media and called Zoria a cannibal.

“Hierarch” of the OCU Ruslan (Adrian) Kulik, on his Facebook page, commented on the decision of the “Holy Synod” of the OCU, which to send him to retirement for a period of 1 year with a ban on ministry for beating a woman. Later, Kulik deleted the post.

“Synod or Sanhedrin? Soon about this in details and the main characters,’ wrote Kulik and added, “People are weak and unreliable. Even among friends, there are almost no real ones." In the comments to his publication, the “hierarch” wrote that he was removed from service because of the intrigues of one of the representatives of the OCU, calling him “a cannibal who works in the metropolis as Yermak. The one that as a ‘son’ made a fool out of Filaret. Now he, a puppet master, rules." Obviously, Kulik was referring to the former spokesperson for the UOC-KP, and now the spokesperson for the OCU, Ivan (Eustratiy) Zoria.

As reported, the "Synod" of the OCU found Kulik guilty of violating the 27th Apostolic Canon and temporarily suspended him from the ministry instead of deposing, noting that he "partially pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him".

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