Serbian theologian: Orthodox in Ukraine suffer from Phanar's "papism"

15 November 2021 22:38
Archpriest Darko Djogo. Photo: Archpriest Darko Djogo. Photo:

The price of power that Patriarch Bartholomew derives from global centers of influence is the affliction of the Church, as is the case in Ukraine, said Darko Djogo.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople, following the example of the Roman Catholic Church, chose to turn the primacy of honor and love into the primacy of power, and for this end it had to seek support from global centers of influence, the price of which is the suffering of the true Church of Christ, as is the case in Ukraine. Darko Djogo, Doctor of Theology, Professor of the St. Basil Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of East Sarajevo, Archpriest of the Serbian Church, wrote about this in his author's column, the translation of which was published on the website of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate

Archpriest Darko Djogo notes that Phanar has entered into a symbiosis with globalist structures, hence it can be called the Globalist Patriarchate rather than Ecumenical. "The causes of this symbiosis are multi-faceted. Like the first Rome, the Second decided to turn the primacy of honor and love into the primacy of power: no one can justify this either with the essence of the Orthodox Church (whose catholicity resists any ossification of "papism") or in the canons arising from this catholic entity. Therefore, the power that Phanar derives from global centers of influence is "borrowed", i.e. the one that someone gives you for a certain price. Now we can see the price of this power in Ukraine. It is paid for by the sufferings of the true Church of Christ,” wrote the Serbian theologian.

He believes that the Greek metropolitans produce their statements and their "theology" in accordance with the current ideological and political course emanating from Washington. "Phanar's theology has completely turned into a certain ideology, in which each of the social programs of the ‘New World Order’ is justified ‘theologically’. Phanar has always been on a par with the ‘underlying state' whether it be a volatile attitude towards gender and gender identity, complex problems of American social policy, or the promotion of the ‘green patriarch',” writes the Serbian theologian.

As reported by the UOJ, according to the Serbian hierarch, Bartholomew is not a pope; he has no power over the Church.

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