Pope Francis considers immigrants a blessing for Europe

11 November 2021 22:00
Pope Francis. Photo: lifesitenews.com Pope Francis. Photo: lifesitenews.com

The head of the Vatican called for the promotion of ecumenism with the help of migrants from countries where believers belong mainly to Reformed or Orthodox communities.

Pope Francis said that immigrants are a blessing and stimulate social growth in the countries of the European Union, reports the Vatican News website.

On November 11, 2021, the head of the Vatican held an audience for the participants of the conference "Italians in Europe and the Christian Mission", during which he said that the EU countries are called upon to show solidarity in subsidiarity to migrants who "renew the face of cities and countries". Pope Francis said that "immigrants if helped to integrate, are a blessing, a source of enrichment and a new gift that stimulates social growth".

Also, Pope Francis believes that in Europe migrants are a blessing for local churches because through them it is possible to promote ecumenism. “People from other countries can maintain, through meetings, relationships and friendship, the ecumenical path in various European countries where believers belong mainly to Reformed or Orthodox communities,” reports the Vatican News.

Earlier, the Vatican called on the EU to take responsibility for migrants at the border of Belarus.

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