Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus opposes Pope Francis's visit to Greece

08 November 2021 10:16
Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus. Photo: Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus. Photo:

In the Church of Greece, Catholics are called "heretical villains," and the Pope's future visit to Greece –  "immoral".

The hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, called the future visit of Pope Francis to Greece "immoral" because of the crimes of the Vatican, reports

“A change in faith is not complete without results and consequences,” said Metropolitan Seraphim, referring to the distortion of the Orthodox teaching by Catholics, which lead to crimes in practice.

“Wicked doctrines give birth to a wicked life,” he said. According to the hierarch, this is evidenced by 500,000 victims of paedophilia of the Catholic clergy over the past fifty years. At the same time, the Pope said on this occasion: "Glory to you, God, and shame on us."

"What is ‘glory to God and shame on you’? Metropolitan Seraphim responded with indignation. “Shame goes to the Gospel that cannot change you to make you a saint. Do you dare to tarnish the image of God, a child, with your vulgarity? Shame on you".

The hierarch of the GOC stressed that the Vatican did not repent of its crimes. For example, the RCC declared a saint Cardinal Stepinac, who supported the massacres of Orthodox Serbs. With all these crimes, the Pope is not ashamed to be “a traveller of the universe”.

The Metropolitan also recalled that Catholics have repeatedly tried to forcefully impose union on the Greeks, and the Orthodox managed to keep their faith only with the miraculous help of the saints. Vladyka Seraphim expressed fears that Catholics would now bring the infection of heresy to Greece.

As reported, Pope Francis will pay an official visit to Greece and Cyprus on December 2-6, 2021.

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