Bishop Victor argues if vaccination is the start of Apocalypse

Bishop Victor (Kotsaba). Photo: screenshot / YouTube channel of the bishop

The hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church noted that current developments could be called a dress rehearsal of the apocalypse.

The Head of the Representation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to European International Organizations, Bishop Victor of Baryshivka, answered the question on his YouTube channel whether being vaccinated is a renunciation of Christ.

"There are now a number of conspiracy theories on the Internet that everything has been calculated in advance," the hierarch said. “It is difficult to argue or agree, because none of us has personally exposed another conspiracy of a group of criminals against humanity. Especially given that this conspiracy has actually existed since the time when Satan declared war on God and His creation, and sin became an integral part of our existence. But why do we so often choose sin when we happen to be at another crossroads in life? Probably, because behind the universal conspiracy of the dark forces we do not notice our own evil, generated by unhealed passions and selfishness.

The bishop noted that it is hardly possible to find an answer to the question who generated the pandemic and why. However, if this is the reality facing humanity, we need to learn to respond to it as Christians should.

According to the hierarch, the issue of vaccination is beyond the competence of the Church. "Everyone should coordinate it first with their family doctor and then make a decision personally and voluntarily," said the bishop.

It is impossible to tear a person away from Christ without the conscious consent of the person, the bishop emphasized. "When we agree to get vaccinated, it does not mean that we agree to betray our faith," he said.

"True though, there is a purposeful war against Christ and His Truth – but it has been going on for two thousand years," said Bishop Victor. “Surely, all the current developments can be called a dress rehearsal of the apocalypse – but it's not that yet. So far no one encroaches on our right to profess faith in the Risen Savior of the world, to participate in the conciliar prayer and the sacraments of the Church.

At the same time, no one has abolished the reality of the pandemic. And today, vaccination is an attempt to stop the mourning triumph of the coronavirus, which takes thousands of lives every day."

As reported by the UOJ, the President of Georgia found the Church guilty of low vaccination.

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