In Kyiv OCU "bishop" beats woman, criminal case opened

A criminal case is opened against Kulik. Photo: ICTV

“Bishop” Adrian Kulik of the OCU has attacked a neighbour and beat her for several minutes.

In Kyiv, the "bishop" of the OCU Adrian Kulik beat up a neighbour because of a domestic conflict, the police opened a criminal case under Art. 125, reports "Nadzvychayni novyny" (“Breaking News”) on the "ICTV" TV channel.

The journalists showed a video from surveillance cameras, where it can be seen that Adrian Kulik punches the woman for several minutes. When she tried to film it on her phone, Kulik snatched the gadget from her, trampled it underfoot and threw it aside.

The victim, whose name is Ivanna, said that she had severe bruises to her chest, abdomen and bruises on her arms. She said that Kulik also rudely insulted her with swear words. “We're just afraid to live next door to such an aggressive person,” she added.

Later, Kulik attacked Ivanna's husband with fists, who tried to get video from surveillance cameras from the concierge. The "hierarch" threw the man to the ground, sat down on top and started going off.

The reason for the attack was allegedly the dog of the beaten woman, who barked loudly in the apartment several days before the conflict.

Kulik calls the victims separatists because they communicate in Russian and claims that he does not understand them.

Neighbours characterize the "bishop" as a haughty person and claim that he abuses alcohol.

The police opened a criminal case against Kulik under Art. 125 for causing minor injuries with the possibility of reclassification.

As reported, the "hierarch" of the OCU, Adrian Kulik, urged to label those who do not love Ukraine "as rootless dogs".

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