Lawyer: Istanbul Convention hides imposition of LGBT ideology on children

25 October 2021 19:11
Oleg Denisov. Photo: UOJ Oleg Denisov. Photo: UOJ

Lawyer Oleg Denisov spoke about the consequences of Ukraine's possible ratification of the Istanbul Convention aimed at protecting women's rights from violence.

The Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, known as the Istanbul Convention, aims to promote and promote LGBT ideology among children. Oleg Denisov, head of the human rights organization ‘Public Advocacy’ and the author of a petition to refuse to promote controversial gender theories in Ukraine, wrote about this in the blog "I am a Correspondent".

The human rights activist explained that in order to understand the consequences of the adoption of the Istanbul Convention “it is necessary to take into account that within the framework of this act, not only and not so much quite acceptable and correct ideas of protecting women from violence, which are already ensured by national law at the level of criminal and other branches of law, will be promoted but also state-imposed gender identity as a pseudo-right of people, including children, to choose their gender”.

“And since gender identity has long been promoted not as a choice between male and female sex, but also as a choice of other sexual orientations (including homosexual, transgender), then educational programmes entering schools under the cover of the Istanbul Convention will contain the full completeness of not only understanding gender but also encouraging children to "make a more conscious choice" of their gender, which in fact is always ensured by the promotion of various sexual forms of behaviour at the earliest stage of the formation of a child,” added Oleg Denisov.

He stressed that the understanding of the Istanbul Convention as a normative act aimed only at protecting the rights of women, which is presented in a number of Ukrainian media on the eve of the Verkhovna Rada's consideration of the issue of its ratification, is incomplete since it does not take into account the real goals of the authors of the convention and the consequences of its adoption.

In particular, the head of "Public Advocacy" explained, it is about the risk of introducing the legal block of gender identity in its expanded understanding into the education and management system, blurring the concept of marriage as a union of a man and a woman, and promoting the rights of LGBT people in the education system.

As reported, the UOC laity urge to support an electronic petition on the website of the President of Ukraine "On refusal to promote gender theories that contradict traditional family values, in particular by refusing to sign and (or) ratify the Istanbul Convention and ensure public control over the Biarritz Partnership".

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