Metropolitan of Greek Church says that vaccine is God’s gift

25 October 2021 00:39
Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias. Photo: Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias. Photo:

Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias noted that he is very pleased that the number of unvaccinated people is reduced.

Metropolitan Ignatius of Demetrias of the Greek Orthodox Church said that the vaccine against Covid-19 is a gift from God, reports “Vima Orthodoxias”.

Metropolitan Ignatius, who arrived at the vaccination centre of Volos Hospital for the third vaccination said that the vaccine against COVID is “a gift from God” and those who have not yet been vaccinated should do so, because “they owe it to themselves, but especially to their fellow human beings".

He was also "very positive" about the fact that "there are many people who even now are persuaded to start vaccination".

According to Metropolitan Ignatius, "the division that is created does not benefit anyone", and "there is no moral dilemma for these vaccines. We have to trust them and move on".

He also said that he was glad that after his recent circular “many priests were convinced and proceeded with the vaccination”.

“The messages I receive every day are encouraging. The percentage of the unvaccinated is significantly reduced… I also have encouraging messages from many young children who wrote to me that they were convinced by my word and were vaccinated,” said Metropolitan Ignatius.

As reported, in Greece, protesters demanded the resignation of the hierarch who supported the vaccines.

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