Mikhail Zinkevich tells how many churches he took away from the UOC

Mikhail Zinkevich. Photo: volyn24.com

Zinkevich boasted that he is the leader in "transferring" churches from the UOC to the OCU.

In an interview with Pershyi, "Metropolitan" Mikhail Zinkevich of Lutsk and Volyn of the OCU said that he was able to "transfer" more churches from the UOC than the rest priests of the OCU – 130.

“We have plus or minus 130 new parishes. This is the biggest number in Ukraine,” says Zinkevich, adding that the "transitions" allegedly took place without conflicts. “The OCU did not attack the Russian parish, the problems are inside. Therefore, no one can blame us that we came, took something away or provoked a situation. We explained our position to those who approached us for clarification. And there were those who did not file applications, but simply came here with documents and asked to accept them,” he said.

Zinkevich added that the only problem is the lack of priests, since only twenty priests joined the OCU.

“At that time I had the only problem in this matter – the number of clergymen who had to be sent to new parishes, because not all communities joined the OCU with their priests. A lot of priests, who did not follow the community, are forced today to find a freelance job, to go to the construction sites in Poland,” Zinkevich said.

The "Metropolitan" of the OCU predicted a new wave of transitions from the UOC to the OCU: "It will happen when it matures."

As the UOJ previously reported, the “hierarch” of the OCU Mikhail Zinkevich held a “service” in the patriarchal robe.

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