UOC laity urge to support petition against promotion of gender theories

22 October 2021 16:04
Believers urge to support the petition to be considered by the Office of the President. Photo: gordonua.com Believers urge to support the petition to be considered by the Office of the President. Photo: gordonua.com

A petition against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and Ukraine's participation in the ‘Biarritz Partnership’  was posted on the President's website.

The NGO “Miriane” asks to support the electronic petition "On refusal to promote gender theories that contradict traditional family values, in particular by refusing to sign and (or) ratify the Istanbul Convention and ensuring public control over the ‘Biarizzi Partnership’".

Petition No. 22/123540-ep was posted on the website of the President of Ukraine on Friday, October 22, 2021. In order for the Office of the President to consider and respond to it, it is necessary to collect 25 thousand signatures for 60 days, reports the organization's TG channel.

The author is a well-known Orthodox lawyer, the head of the human rights organization NGO "Public Advocacy" Oleg Denisov, who has been working for years in the field of protecting the rights of the UOC and its believers and regularly represents the interests of the Church on international platforms (UN, OSCE, etc.).

The petition has two points. The first contains arguments against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, which imposes the concept of “gender” on Ukrainian society and creates mechanisms for the compulsory implementation of LGBT ideology at the legislative level, in schools, the media and public policy. The second point is devoted to the so-called “Biarritz Partnership”, which promotes the same ideologemes destroying the traditional values of society.

"Brothers and sisters! We need your real action. We must and can protect our children from the LGBT dictatorship that is taking shape before our eyes, from the imposition of a "gender" ideology on Ukraine by foreign agents, which is incompatible with the Orthodox faith, humiliates our sovereignty and dooms Ukrainians to extinction. <...> We have no right to allow these deadly infections to take root in our land, in our education system, in our legislation! We simply have no right. Neither before the Lord God nor before our descendants,” the believers turned to the Orthodox Ukrainians.

It is noted that the registration and voting process can be accompanied by certain difficulties due to technical issues, "but with prayer and patience, everything is real".

“This is our first step to stop the great evil. Let's make it so that we are heard,” the believers called.

Earlier, the UOJ published a step-by-step video instruction on how to vote for a petition on the President's website.

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