Dumenko announces a "large-scale wave of transitions" to the OCU

Epiphany Dumenko. Photo: screenshot / YouTube / DetectorUA

Epiphany lamented the local authorities do not support the re-registration of statutes in favor of the OCU, but promised the next wave of "transitions" would be soon.

There will be a new large-scale wave of "transitions" from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the OCU, said the head of the OCU Sergei (Epiphany) Dumenko in an interview with DetectorUA.

He lamented that now there are only isolated cases of transitions and said this is due to the fact that the authorities do not want to facilitate the re-registration of the UOC statutes: "Very often there is no local assistance, there is not even a desire to re-register the statutes."

Dumenko was outraged that in the Kyiv region, not a single statute has been re-registered after the change of power. The chief of the OCU said that the authorities do not make it clear but "find some kind of legal points."

He said that “a lot of communities and priests” from the UOC come to him and tell him that they want to join the OCU, but they are afraid of difficulties. Also, the transitions to the OCU are affected by the picture of the seizures of UOC temples, which is created specifically to scare those willing. In fact, the OCU is not involved in any raiding, Dumenko noted.

As reported by the UOJ, Epiphany said that it is the UOC that seizes the parishes of the OCU.

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