Dumenko: The longer President is in the chair, the more he supports OCU

Epiphany and ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, 2018. Photo: apostrophe.ua

Dumenko said that the OCU has good and constructive relations with all branches of the Ukrainian government.

The longer Ukrainian presidents are in power, the more they support the "one Local Church" in Ukraine. Dumenko said this in an interview with DetectorUA, answering a question about the attitude of the current authorities and the OCU.

According to him, the OCU "generally has good, constructive relations with the Ukrainian government, starting with the president, the prime minister – with all branches of government". And despite the fact that Vladimir Zelenskyy "to a certain extent treats everyone equally", his gesture with the invitation of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to Ukraine testifies that he "understands that there should be a single Local Orthodox Church in Ukraine".

“Now we see that gradually each president, the longer he is in the chair, the more he realizes that there must be a single Orthodox Church. Petro Alekseevich (Poroshenko – Ed.) also went through such a certain gradation, a change in his outlook – at first he was a believer of the Moscow Patriarchate. Naturally, Kravchuk. Kuchma also came to this understanding, Viktor Andreevich (Yushchenko – Ed.) – from the very beginning. Well, some go through a certain evolution, it takes time," Dumenko explained.

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