Ivano-Frankivsk mayor declares victory over UOC community

The Transfiguration Church of the UOC in Ivano-Frankivsk. Photo: facebook.com/ruslan.martsinkiv

The city authorities have long sought to evict the UOC community from the Transfiguration Church in Chornovil Street, Ivano-Frankivsk.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv declared the final victory in the case of evicting the UOC community from the Transfiguration Church of the Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy. The official wrote about this on his Facebook page on Wednesday, October 13, referring to the decision of the Supreme Court.

Martsinkiv called such a course of events in the long-term struggle with believers "good news before the Intercession".

“The Supreme Court of Ukraine has finally dotted the i's! The Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) is obliged to vacate the premises at 6 Chornovola Street and transfer it for permanent use to the Department of Education and Science," he wrote, adding that the church taken from the UOC will be converted into a kindergarten.

The city authorities of Ivano-Frankivsk have been trying for a long time to evict the Transfiguration community from the rented premises. The case passed all instances of Ukrainian justice and was heard at the UN Human Rights Committee, which blocked the decision of the Lviv Economic Court of Appeal of October 15, 2019, ordering the Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy to vacate the rented premises.

The Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy of the UOC does not yet have official confirmation of the information announced by the official.

The UOJ is monitoring the development of the situation.

Earlier, the advisor to the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Nazariy Kyshak urged to "purge the monasteries" and "expel the priests" of the UOC.

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