“Miriane” urges Ministry of Culture to reject pagan feasts proposed by UINR

The Institute of National Remembrance considered the days of Perun, Buddha and Krishna to be traditional holidays of Ukrainians. Photo: wrike.com

The bill "On Holidays, Memorable Dates and Sorrowful Days" from UINR doesn't respect the historical and religious traditions of Ukrainians, the NGO “Miriane” states.

The public union "Mirians" opposed the bill of Ukraine "On Holidays, Memorable Dates and Sorrowful Days" developed by the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance (UINR), which provides for the inclusion of pagan feasts in the list of traditional holidays in Ukraine. The corresponding appeal was sent to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, reports the "Miriane" Telegram channel.

It says the authors of the bill do not know and do not respect the historical, cultural and religious traditions of Ukrainians. “Among the holidays stipulated by the bill, there was a place for such “traditional” Ukrainian holidays as Kurban-Bayram, Rosh Hashanah, Pesach, Sri Krishna-Janmashtami, Hanukkah and Perun's Day. The authors of the bill have forgotten about the Day of the Baptism of Rus’, just as they forgot about the Epiphany, the Ascension of the Lord, the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord, the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos and many other traditional Orthodox holidays,” the NGO “Miriane” states.

In addition, the public union opposed the proposal of the Institute of National Remembrance to celebrate the Bright Resurrection of Christ, the Day of the Holy Trinity and the Nativity of Christ according to the Gregorian calendar. “We respect representatives of different confessions and religions, especially where family values are also respected, but we believe that in Ukraine, where Orthodox Christianity is the dominant, state-forming religion, state and traditional religious holidays should be Orthodox, celebrated according to the old style, the Julian calendar," says the appeal. The NGO “Miriane” called on the Ministry of Culture to return this bill to the Institute of National Remembrance without implementation.

As reported, Perun’s Day, Buddha and Krishna are Ukrainian holidays from the Institute of National Remembrance.

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