Petition to President against forced vaccination gains 25,000 signatures

V. Zelensky was vaccinated in March 2021. Photo:

The appeal to the President of Ukraine on introducing criminal liability for mandatory vaccination has gone up to the necessary 25 thousand signatures for consideration.

The petition on the website of the President of Ukraine collected over 25 thousand votes for the right to make the decision on vaccination against coronavirus and criminal liability for mandatory vaccination.

“It is urgent to introduce criminal liability in the form of a punishment of imprisonment for a term of 3 to 5 years for mandatory vaccination,” demand those who signed the petition on the website “Mandatory vaccination in the form of threats of dismissal and / or denial to work is akin to the concept of ‘coercive vaccination’. Citizens must be given the right to decide at their own discretion whether they need to be vaccinated or not."

Explaining the reasons for the petition, the author points out that during vaccination, medical institutions do not take responsibility for the consequences of the administration of drugs. He also draws attention to the poor quality of vaccines provided to Ukrainians and the lack of proper examinations of a person before vaccination. At the same time, "state institutions deprive a person of the right to choose and force them to vaccination, while in case of refusal, they threaten with dismissal or suspension from work."

There is still 40 days before the voting closes. However, now that the petition has gained the required number of signatures, Vladimir Zelensky has to consider it. Usually, in response to such appeals from citizens, the President refers to the fact that this is outside his purview.

As reported by the UOJ, the Ministry of Health said that either you are vaccinated and allowed to work or not.

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