Right Sector confirms its involvement in seizure of 50 churches of the UOC

Vasily Labaychuk, member of the Right Sector. Photo: screenshot of a video from his youtube channel

One of the leaders of the Ukrainian radicals called to oppose the construction of new temples of the UOC that replace those grabbed by the schismatics.

Members of the Right Sector took part in the seizure of nearly 50 temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said one of the leaders of the radicals Vasyl Labaychuk in a video posted on his youtube channel. He called the actions of the nationalists "assistance in the transition to the Ukrainian church." “We have achieved quite a success in this regard. About 50 communities received our assistance in one way or another,” Labaychuk said.

He also spoke about his direct participation in the seizure of the UOC churches. In particular, back in September 2015, Labaychuk was one of the leaders of the scandalous seizure of the church in the village of Katerynivka, during which a lot of UOC believers were inflicted serious injuries, including fractures. Now a member of the Right Sector is outraged by the fact that the communities affected by the raiders are building new churches in their villages.

Labaychuk called on his supporters to oppose the construction of new temples of the UOC in those settlements where they were seized by the schismatics, and threatened with new actions from the radicals. "We are fighting, and we will definitely win, and our nation will defeat that Moscow evil," said one of the leaders of the Right Sector.

As reported by the UOJ, the radicals held an action against the construction of churches of the UOC instead of the seized ones.

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