Oust enemy Сhurch: Muzhdabayev disappointed with reaction to Usyk's victory

Ayder Muzhdabayev. Photo: a screenshot of a video from his Youtube channel

Muzhdabayev, Deputy General Director of the Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR, criticized those who are happy with the victory of the famous Ukrainian boxer from the Crimea.

Journalist Ayder Muzhdabayev once again called in his blog on the “Ukrainska Pravda” for the expulsion of the "enemy" Ukrainian Orthodox Church from Ukraine, this time in the context of the victorious duel in London of its parishioner Alexander Usyk, who became the new world heavyweight champion.

Muzhdabayev was disappointed by the positive reaction of some "alleged patriots", including Crimean Tatars, to the victory of what he calls a "vata athlete" (vata, vatnik – pejorative words for Russian-conscious people – Trans.). In his opinion, Usyk's words that "Crimea is Crimean, God's" actually mean "Russian", and to rejoice in his victories means "to spit in the face of the army, volunteers, all those who fought, are fighting and will fight."

"No, it's not the bottom – it's undermining the bottom. Not a good day to you, unscrupulous people. I am very disappointed with some persons, although I am not surprised by almost anything in my life. Recover, people, it's at least you who are crazy. Or I took you for patriots and sensible. Honor and glory to real Heroes! The enemy church – out of Ukraine. Vatniks – melt to soap. Traitors – to Moscovia, their place is there because they don’t care," wrote Muzhdabayev.

Ayder Muzhdabayev is the deputy General Director and the face of the Crimean Tatar TV channel "ATR" (Kyiv) who publicly incites hatred to UOC and calls for its destruction. In his previous statements about the UOC, the police did not see incitement to religious strife, and he continued to defame the Church. In this regard, the laity of the UOC prepared an appeal to the police on the fact of a crime under Art. 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The UOJ also wrote that the OCU rep called Usyk's victory a tragedy of the Ukrainian people, and the athlete himself a huge problem of Ukraine.

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