Cetinje Council "allows" schismatics to serve in Cetinje Monastery of SOC

20 September 2021 19:05
The Cetinje Monastery. Photo: incomartour.com.ua The Cetinje Monastery. Photo: incomartour.com.ua

The Cetinje City Council made the ruling within the framework of a civil initiative to return the Cetinje Monastery to schismatics from the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.

On September 17, the Cetinje City Council "allowed" the so-called "Montenegrin Orthodox Church" to perform their services at the Cetinje Monastery, the main shrine of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, reports "Radio i Televizija Crne Gore".

The final conclusion of the City Council says about supporting the initiative to ensure "equal use of the Cetinje Monastery for all Orthodox believers" and "equal and free performance of religious rituals and religious affairs for all Orthodox religious communities in Montenegro".

“The Assembly of the City of Cetinje points out that the preservation of human dignity should be the main obligation of the state. Human rights and freedoms as a component of human dignity must be inviolable. All state bodies, all branches of government are obliged to respect and protect them. The acting executive and legislative bodies constantly, contrary to international documents and the Constitution of Montenegro, carry out activities that impede the exercise of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion by believers and clergy of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church,” the City Council said.

The Cetinje City Council also called on "competent state institutions" to protect "the cultural heritage belonging to the capital from the ongoing destruction carried out by the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Church of Serbia".

In accordance with this, the city deputies banned "any adaptation, reconstruction or construction in the zone of protected cultural values of the Cetinje Monastery without the prior consent of the capital".

As earlier reported, the Montenegrin police covered the SOC hierarchs with shields from radical snipers.


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