UOC hierarch: Bolshevism is echoed in latinization of Ukrainian language

Archbishop Nikolai (Pochtovyi). Photo: a screenshot of the “1Kozak” YouTube channel

Archbishop Nikolai of Vasylkiv commented on the initiative of the NSDC Secretary Danilov to switch to the Latin alphabet.

An echo of Bolshevism is seen in the attempt to latinize the Ukrainian language. The vicar of the Kyiv Eparchy of the UOC, said Archbishop Nikolai (Pochtovyi) of Vasylkiv in the Yan Taksiur programme "The Right to Faith" on the "1Kozak" channel.

The hierarch expressed doubt that the authorities would make a decision to switch from Cyrillic to Latin, for which NSDC secretary Alexei Danilov stands, noting that for most people such a proposal was a "culture shock."

He recalled that such attempts have already been made earlier, and the most famous of them was made by the Bolsheviks in 1919.

“Until 1937, they tried to latinize all the languages of the peoples of the Soviet Union,” said Archbishop Nikolai. “They never got to the Russian language – Stalin, as far as I remember, cancelled all this. But in order to switch to the Latin alphabet, there were several dozen institutes, the Academy of Sciences worked, huge funds were invested. So nothing happened: there was not enough strength, reserves and opportunities, and just mentally people did not assimilate what was offered to them."

According to the UOC hierarch, an echo of Bolshevism is seen in an attempt to latinize the Ukrainian language, and “by and large, our government acts in a Bolshevik way – not legally, but according to the principles of necessity: they need - they will adapt, and then, as they say, they couldn't care less what happens."

He noted that in recent years, one can clearly see "the goal of tearing Ukraine away from Russia, and here "all means are good ", but many actions of the Ukrainian authorities in this direction are "attempts to change the mentality and inner essence of our people".

As reported, the UOC Chancellor compared the attempt to correct the economic problems of Ukraine by changing the alphabet with claims that the creation of the OCU would overcome the church schism.


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