Radicals protest against construction of UOC temples instead of seized ones

Right Sector activists in Lviv. Photo: facebook.com/Right Sector - Lviv Region

Lviv-based "Right Sector" threatens to "take drastic action" in relation to an entrepreneur who helps build churches for the UOC communities affected by the OCU raiding.

On September 15, 2021, the local cell of the Right Sector nationalist organization held an action in Lviv against the construction of new temples for the communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church affected by church raids, the organization's Facebook page says.

Right Sector activists came to one of the BRSM-Nafta gas stations and voiced their “demands” there.

The leaders of the radicals uttered their usual narratives that the UOC allegedly conducts subversive activities and calls the war fratricidal. One of the activists expressed his indignation at the fact that with the help of the patron, Andrey Biba, 10 churches of the UOC have been built in the western regions only recently. According to members of the "Right Sector", the patron built them "for priests, whose parishes were transferred to the OCU, thus helping the branch of the ROC to secure its influence on the Ukrainians."

The "Right Sector" also appealed to the power structures of Ukraine with a demand to "pay attention" to the enterprise that finances the hated UOC.

“We will resort to radical measures unless we are heard,” threatened in the “Right Sector”.

As reported by the UOJ, the chaplain of the "Right Sector" was given 7 years for robbery.

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