MP proposes to oblige Church to switch to Gregorian calendar

MP Viktor Baloha. Photo:

According to the people's deputy, the transition of Ukraine to the Latin alphabet will take a lot of time, and it is possible to change the church calendar today.

MP Viktor Baloha proposed on his Facebook page to oblige the Church to switch to the Gregorian calendar to break away from the "Russian world" and celebrate Christmas and Easter with "the entire civilized world".

“The fact that the country needs to change its worldview, in particular, to start learning English and not only English from kindergarten, is unquestioning. As well as the fact that the separation from the "Russian world" due to the change of Cyrillic to Latin would be much faster. But such complex issues take a long time, up to a generational change. At the same time, there are things that can be done today without shelving. For example, at the state level, to promote the synchronization of church holidays with the Gregorian calendar to celebrate Christmas, Easter and other Christian dates together with the entire civilized world. Moreover, the first steps in this direction have already been taken and society has taken them completely painlessly," Baloha said.

As previously reported, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine spoke in favor of abandoning the Cyrillic alphabet.

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