UOC believer: Why did Pat Bartholomew forget Сhurch history and heresies?

Tatyana Tsaruk. Photo: a screenshot of the video from the “1 Kozak” Youtube channel

Tatyana Tsaruk recalled the words of the Phanar head said to the UOC pilgrims before granting the Tomos: "The Lord is always with the God-saved people of Ukraine".

The Patriarch of Constantinople knows the history of the Church and the fate of heresies perfectly – why did he forget all this? Such a question was voiced by the head of the "Miriane" movement in the Rivne Eparchy of the UOC Tatyana Tsaruk during the prayer standing near the Verkhovna Rada on August 21. The video of the speech was published by the "1 Kozak" channel.

The believer told the present how in 2017 she, among the pilgrimage group of the UOC, visited the Orthodox shrines of Turkey and the Phanar head’s residence. The priests conveyed to the pilgrims the words of the patriarch: "The Lord is always with the God-saved people of Ukraine."

“He is a patriarch, he knows the Gospel very well, the commandments of God, the history of the Church, the history of heresies – how they came into the world, and with what shame their representatives disappeared from the face of the earth. He knows the history of our Church. Until a certain year he knew and respected us, our Metropolitan Onuphry. The people he now called the "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" were once called schismatics. I understand that he probably will not leave the road that he began, but I would like to ask him: knowing all this perfectly, what makes him forget everything and go the way he chose? " asked Tatyana Tsaruk.

She once again recalled the words of Patriarch Bartholomew addressed to the pilgrims of the UOC several years ago and stressed that the Lord is really with the God-saved Ukrainian people. The most important thing, according to her, is that "we have each other, we have the Primate, there are bishops who teach us not to respond with malice to malice but to accept the Gospel sermon not only with our mind but also with our heart."

As reported, a large report about the prayer standing of UOC believers at the walls of the Verkhovna Rada appeared on the Net.


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