OCU supports protests of Montenegrin schismatics against Met. Joanikije

06 September 2021 13:58
"Епископ" Боян Бойович (крайний справа) на "богослужении" ПЦУ в 2019 г. Фото: ПЦУ

OCU “hierarchs” and “clergy” criticize the enthronement of Metropolitan Joanikije of Montenegro and the Littoral and support the protests of the Montenegrin schismatics.

The OCU publicly supported the protests of Montenegrin schismatics against the enthronement of Metropolitan Joanikije of Montenegro and the Littoral, which took place at the Cetinje Monastery on September 5.

"Bishop" Gabriel Kryzyna posted on his Facebook page a video commentary by the "bishop" of the schismatic Montenegrin Church Bojan (Boris) Bojovic, where he called the enthronement of Metropolitan Joanikije "shame" and "occupation of Cetinje". Kryzyna wrote in the publication: "The SOC has no prospects in Montenegro just like the ROC in Ukraine because you cannot fool people with lies."

"Dean" of the OCU in Chernivtsi, Ivan Makovei, wrote in the comments to Kryzyna that he personally knows Bojovic and the head of the Montenegrin schismatics Miraš Dedeić; with them, he "has gone a lot together".

The spokesperson for the OCU Ivan (Eustratiy) Zoria said that Metropolitan Joanikije allegedly denied the existence of the Montenegrin nation: "The Serbs, under the protection of special forces, are imposing the hierarch on the Montenegrins who believes that there is no Montenegrin nation."

In 2019, a scandal broke out in the OCU, when the Montenegrin schismatic Bojan Bojovic was noticed at the "service" of this structure in the presence of Phanar Metropolitan Emmanuel of France. Sergei Dumenko was forced to send a letter of apology to the Montenegrin-Littoral Metropolitanate, in which he stated that the concelebration with Bojovic was due to negligence and inattention.

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